Yet his is broken (#@_@#)
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Peanut
Age: Idiot
Friends: Bubblegum Fireson (love interest)
Relatives: Sarah Pitsgerald
Occupation: Basketball player
First Appearance: The Website
Voice: Miggy7215


He is a peanut with antlers dumbo! . And usually wears a blue sports shirt with a 1OOOO on the front. So we can guess that he is number 10000 in his nintendo team. he also wears blue skOrtiz to match his shit

Episodes appearancesEdit


  • His first major role is in The The The The
  • In The Penguin(can I take ur order?)he was meant to do another appearance.
  • In The ghshsjakaka, he does make minor appearance.

Gumball CounterpartEdit

  • Penny Fitsgerald is way better than this stupid moronic excuse