Niko Fireson
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Age: 47
Relatives: Bubblegum (daughter), Darlene (adoptive daughter), Elias (son), Riley (wife)
Occupation: Dark Factory Salesman
Voice: Cloudkit01

Niko Fireson is the main character in The Fabulous Land of Bubblegum. Niko is the father figure of the The Fireson family and is the only truly responsible member of the family. He is very dedicated to his family and would truly do anything for them.


The gallery for Niko Fireson can be found here.


  • He is named and based on "Niko Bellic", the "Grand Theft Auto IV" protagonist, :The Lost and Damned", and :The Ballad of Gay Tony" supporting character.

Gumball CounterpartEdit

  • Nicole Watterson is Niko's counterpart